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Brand executives deliver their verdict at Open Ideas on future scenarios which will shape consumer behaviour  
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Open Ideas opens delegates' minds

We polled senior figures from leading consumer brands at our Open Ideas event on a number of critical issues impacting on consumer behaviour. We asked them to consider how these issues will play out in an increasingly digital future. The polling results followed a short open debate on each motion after which delegates were asked to declare whether they considered the motion to be ‘fact’ or ‘fiction.’

The results of the vote on the first motion highlights the extent to which the awareness of ‘show-rooming’ (where consumers merely look at goods in stores and then buy elsewhere, predominantly online) is not yet prevalent in the UK although it is already a hot topic in United States and there is some evidence of this trend growing in the UK.

Shops will become non-transactional spaces

Personal data proved an emotive issue, with several delegates expressing a view that not only will it become a powerful currency in future, but that this has already happened.

Personal data will become a new ‘currency’ in future

Meanwhile, despite the fact that consumers are rapidly adopting mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and using them for an increasing number of tasks, delegates do not believe this will lead consumers to being ahead of technology in future.

Consumers will be ahead of technology in future

Finally, the rise of multi-channel contact, particularly an explosion in social media traffic led delegates to conclude that companies are not geared up to respond to the communications boom that is on the very near horizon.

The communications boom will leave companies wrong-footed

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Brand executives deliver their verdict at Open Ideas on future scenarios which will shape consumer behaviour... More >>

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